About us

Excellence anything,

anywhere, anytime,


Our philosophy is threefold.

First and foremost, the human factor: two of our concierges will be specifically assigned to you, and we communicate with our members by encrypted messaging. This direct, human contact drastically speeds up communications, improves understanding and creates a precious proximity, making request-handling considerably easier.

Next comes responsiveness: We acknowledge receipt of each request within 5 minutes and are at your side 24/7 thanks to our discussion platforms available on your smartphone.

And finally, we make life easy for you: in most cases, we advance all the expenses of our members so that they can save that most precious of assets: time.


Each of our members is valuable and unique.
Concierge is an old, noble, secret profession that we have modernized without distorting its original essence of absolute efficiency, empathy and discretion.

To satisfy you, to offer you personalized services but above all exclusive advantages, which you will not find anywhere else, Premium Conciergerie relies on a very well-informed address book, as well as on an exceptional international network.

In order to respond to your requests wherever you are, we have organized a reciprocity system with partners who have the same values as us, in the main cities of the world. Throughout the world, Premium Conciergerie is the only private concierge to advance all the costs incurred by its clients, which are then re-invoiced.

To organize a unique event, help you manage administrative or health matters, or even help you relax on a desert island, we are here to create extraordinary experiences and support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 7 in your projects.

What Is Your Normal Service Area?

We serve you in most major European cities including Paris, London, Rome, Münich, Barcelona etc.

Can I request a service that is not listed?

Yes. If it is moral, ethical and legal, and does not violate any law, we can do it.

How do you differ from other concierge services?

We focus on great service as a standard.  Our concierges personally familiarise themselves with their clients, establishing exactly what they want and expect, and pre-empting what they would appreciate. It is something we manage by meeting you in person, knowing you in a deeper manner, in a very intuitu personae way. 


Eight Infinite comprises a specialist team well-versed in crafting individualised itineraries.

Lifestyle Services

Management and relief of day-to-day necessities enables lower-stress living.


Our in-house specialists develop and maintain relationships with the world’s best chefs and restaurants.